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Whether you are planning a big or small festival, themed or not, local or nationwide, we can help you put together the bespoke festival that you want!

Generally you, as the organiser, will  have a pretty good idea of which beers you would like to have at the festival. If you come to us with a wish list, we will do our very best to get you the beers that you want and we pride ourselves on being able to source almost any beer in the country!

Our aim is to offer event organisers the service that they need, from simply supplying beer as requested to offering local festivals a full racking service! And of course, by buying from us, you are also ensuring that the beer will arrive on the day requested and the empties will disappear on the day specified!

Occasionally there are logistic limitations or beers are no longer available – in which case we will always communicate potential difficulties and solutions well before the festival. One of us is always at the end of the telephone to discuss any issues along the way.

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Beer Festivals



Frocester Beer Festival.

Neil Baldwin – Frocester Beer Festival


When looking to change supplier for the Beer Festival I run, I did not want to get involved with another national beer supplier. The expansion of brewing trade and the micro brewing in recent years has meant an explosion in choice and quality.

The patrons of the Festival who come from all over the world, all have their own favourites so finding something they have heard of but never tried or better still a new brewery is somewhat an art!

The Good Beer Company has enabled me to stay that one pace ahead and make each Festival unique. The knowledge, the links with areas and individual breweries allows me to draw on a more unique range of porters, stouts, mild’s and bitters and now the emerging anti allergies brews adds another level of complication to the mix.

This knowledge and network applies to the cider brews as well and has allowed the Festival to expand our offering to the new tastes of this expanding market.

Rob and his team are dedicated to a smooth running of your event, be that beer or cider. This knowledge allows me to order and forget. For your event you will find Rob’s enthusiasm, attention to detail, willingness to get hands on and get the job done on time and a quality that is difficult to equal.

 Add to this his team’s depth of detail retained about your requirements their keen eye for costs and ability to accept change at very short notice is taken in their stride.

 To me -  using the Good Beer Company allows me to forget the boring ordering  and  get on with the important bit, which is…. enjoying the tasting of all the brews at the Festival and smiling as the patrons recommend brews to each other’s  and compliment my team on the condition of beer and cider tasted. 



Martin Parker – Postlip beer festival

"The Good Beer Company has given invaluable service to CAMRA's Cotswold Beer Festival over many years. They deliver reliably and on time, clear up quickly afterwards and their helpful attitude in dealing with unforeseen problems has been of very great value. On many occasions their timely intervention has saved the day when other beers than theirs fail to arrive!"



The Great British Beer Festival

Sarah Durham - Great British Beer Festival Working Party




"The Good Beer Company have been on the preferred wholesaler list for

CAMRA's Great British Beer Festival since 2007. I find that the same

breweries nominate Rob and GBC year on year which I think shows that GBC

offers great customer service whether you are a brewer or a consumer."



The Good Beer Company has supplied many award winning beers to this major event on the CAMRA calendar.

It is one of annual challenges to supply a range of beers alongside other wholesalers that fulfil the criteria to ensure that this festival has something for everyone!

Reading Beer Festival.

A major event in the Real Ale calendar. The Good Beer Company has been chosen year after year to supply top quality craft beers to some of the most discerning beer drinkers.

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